EN//The ” ESPIRITO MUNDO ” was chosen in the important competition held by the Société d’Aménagement Urbain de Bruxelles Capital that selected the first 41 temporary occupants for the See U project, a transitional management phase of

In all there are seven clusters: Sustainable, Family, Food, Gallery, Lab, Community, Playground. The themes brought together constitute the whole project which is premised on collectivity and collaboration with a focus on durability and environmental sustainability.

Espirito Mundo has a 72 m2 space in the Gallery cluster in building H where several artistic ateliers and a cinema are installed.

Its goal is to carry out international exchanges through a calendar of actions.

The space holds the following activities:

  • multidisciplinary creative residencies;
  • conferences
  • shows and exhibitions;
  • meetings and trainings;
  • workshops in several areas;
  • others

Our association also counts with experienced experts (curatorship/production/management) who can support the artists in their research if necessary.

The occupation takes place through specific partnerships with artists, professionals from various creative sectors, and governmental and non-governmental institutions.

To access the space it is necessary to send the project to the specific board that is integrating it case by case to compose its programming.

The association has strong ties with Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries, but it is open to all nationalities and relies on a network of international exchanges in Latin America, Europe, the United States and Africa.

The association will soon also launch a call for future international residents that will be published on the website and social networks.


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