• That culture is something essential and is linked to people’s daily lives
  • That dialogue is the bridge that makes us share and understand differences
  • That differences are also elements of construction
  • That there is no superiority in any type of culture
  • That art is the expression of the soul and its overflow
  • That spirit means creative energy – pure – and we all possess it
  • That every place can be a physical or geographical space to express oneself creatively
  • That every encounter enriches us and develops potentialities
  • That we must always be networked to accomplish
  • That knowledge must be shared in order to be multiplied
  • That we must collaborate with each other and be open to learning
  • That talent does not mean arrogance
  • That if everyone does a little, great things can be accomplished
  • That the Earth is our home and deserves all our respect
  • That we should be sustainable by exchanging our possibilities and riches
  • That we must understand finitude as an element of connection with the present
  • That we must be ethical and exercise our otherness
  • That history is what we build every day
  • That time is fast but life can be full
  • That we are always in transit, building memory
  • That existence is made here and now 
  • In everything that is done it is necessary to imply love and persistence – because everything is process and these are the fundamental elements in existing.

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