After almost two months of voluntary and collective work, the association inaugurates with the four others a multidisciplinary building in Molenbeek, Brussels (Rue Jean-Baptiste Decock, 97).

The space has around 180m2, divided in exhibition, multimedia and office spaces.
This is the first phase of the work, which already includes the exhibition “Jus Sanguinis” by Aline Yasmin and Renzo Dalvi, both founders of the association.

The project is part of the reactivation plan of the west side of the Belgian capital, integrated in the district program with the support of Brussels Capital.

The space was completely transformed using mostly reused or reclaimed material from the site itself. The association, which aims at projects related to the environment, understands the importance of the circular economy and the reuse of resources. Its practice remains faithful to its concepts both in the way of construction and management, as well as in the activities that are intended: collaboration, horizontality, transparency and community.

The works continue with a view to the full inauguration of the space in the first quarter of January, when various activities and artistic residences will take place.

A huge thanks to all members and friends who have collaborated to make our story possible:

  • Daiane da Mata
  • Isabel Duarte
  • Margot Declerck
  • Matheus Carvalho
  • Hassan Kotwal
  • Charlotte Smit
  • Rafael Soncini
  • Aline Natividade
  • Gabriel Rossoni
  • Bousha Lamsyeh
  • Matthia Buelens
  • Alex Cepile
  • Nadine Vermeulen
  • Gabriel Detheux
  • Luma Crespo
  • Mariene Silva

And to the immense support of our partners for their moral and material support:
Dallas Collective
Samen Voor Morgan
Carre & Co



Espirito Mundo
Jus Sanguinis Expo

>> Wednesday to Saturday
>> 14h – 21h00

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