The history of the association begins in 2016, when the general director Aline Yasmin moves to Brussels.
In 2017 it held the event CINE FEST LUSO MUNDO (Lusophone audiovisual meeting) through its international network and it became necessary to gain autonomy to carry out other projects locally.
In 2018 the ESPIRITO MUNDO project becomes an ASBL, based in Belgium and consolidates the second edition of the Lusophone audiovisual project CINE LUSO that keeps producing new editions.

Having as always the goal is to continue with exchange projects, it obtains through a public selection a temporary space for international projects.

The association is part of SEE U, a territory that is part of the heritage of the city of Brussels and will become a creative and sustainable pole developed by Brussels Capital in partnership with the universities ULB and VUB and the Commune of Ixelles.

The Space is dedicated to collective productions, conferences, international residencies and local exchanges in the various sectors of creativity and thought.

The goal of Espirito Mundo is to realize projects that bridge art and culture with human rights, education, and the environment.

Its projects are in a permanent search for reflection on active citizenship, dialogue, and collaboration. The association and its members believe in associativism as a way to link up with projects that aim at a more just and solidary world. Art and culture are, therefore, ways of manifesting time and openness to dialogue.


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