With the support of Danspunt, in the context of CODE DANCE
Choreography and performance: Caterina Campo Artistic Residence: Espírito Mundo, (See U)
Teaser: Alex Cepile Producer: Aline Yasmin Ixelles, Brussels – Belgium

“Je suis là pour toi”

“The performer is dancing alone, in silence, inside a stunning circular location willing to embody the sensations of the difficult pandemic experience we are living in: it’s a prayer of hope”

The dancer brings out feelings with pure movement. Repetitions are there to show the waiting time. Softness to show kindness, love and understanding. Tension to show the frustration of no change and the instability due to the unknown. Loud breath is there in order to be able to hear patience coming out and to connect with the inner energy. Singing breaks the silence and the flatness that is getting heavy with the passing of time.

The artistic residency takes place at the Espirito Mundo residency center in SeeU, Ixelles.
With the support of Danspunt, in the context of CODE DANCE.

Caterina Campo, from Italy, professional dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance.
The project, which was conceived by the artist in process at the Espirito Mundo residences space, takes shape on June 13th – 3:30 PM. The performance will be open and will take place at SeeU’s velodrome.

There are no reservations. It is only necessary to respect sanitary measures.

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